Sue Booth Workshop

Sue guided participants in knitting a raglan jumper with special techniques in

  • Joining the raglans on the machine
  • Triple picot hems
  • Hand manipulated patterns
  • Crochet-like edgings

as well as much more.

Everyone learned a lot, and went away exhausted. We are already looking forward to seeing Sue here next year!  Thanks, Sue!

Understanding Patterns

We looked at different types of patterns, how to substitute yarns and then how to knit the patterns we want.

The demonstration pattern was this month’s Baby Cardigan, which can be downloaded here for a text based version, and here for a schematic type of pattern.  Pat and Fran knitted the front and sleeve on Knitmaster and Brother machines respectively, and described their own ways of doing things as they went.

Lynne talked about Knitleaders/Knitradars, and showed baby cardigans she had knitted using such a device.

Lynda demonstrated using Knitware software – available here, or UK agent here.


Then we had a clearout/giveaway of assorted yarn and equipment, which went down rather well.

April 2014

Sue Booth – Ribber Work

Sue made a welcome return, and the meeting was well attended with visitors from far and wide.

She showed us various techniques with the ribber, including flat ribs, with interesting patterning across the ribber stitches; as well as racked ribs, fisherman’s ribs and tucking.

The sign of a successful meeting was that people were leaving with the pronounced intention of getting out their ribbers and trying the techniques shown.


NEC Sewing For Pleasure 2014

LBMK club members were among those representing the Guild of Machine Knitters at this show in March.


Our “Swatch Monster” went down well, as did the entire stand.

March 10th 2014

The Single Bed Colour Changer

This meeting was focused on how to set up the colour changer, and was demonstrated on Brother and Knitmaster machines.

We showed how to do this, then members all had a go at doing it themselves, with many resolving to go and dust off their colour changers and knit some stripes.

The Owl pattern was shown again, with its slip stitch patter suited to colour changing, as well as a revised version of the Asymmetrical Scarf, re-badged as a Sock Wool Scarf, with a fringe knitted on the knitting machine, and an option to make it longer [it will still take less than 100gm].

Useful links:


Stripe generator: this allows you to see how stripes will look in different colours

Colour changer: link to Susan Guigliumi's sheet on colour changing [YC6 for Knitmaster, but still useful for all colour changing]