Using the Sewing Machine for Machine Knitters

Erica Thomson was back for a demonstration of her sewing machine expertise, as well as lots of other interesting ideas. She showed us a little of her ply split braiding, her Kumihimo wire braiding and lots more.

The sewing machine techniques were inspirational to those whose sewing machines have languished in cupboards for decades, as well as to those who use them regularly. I was particularly interested in the demonstration of how to avoid a lengthy casting off for a ribbed binding on the machine, by over sewing on the sewing machine, as I am always on the lookout for ways to avoid such things. Her garments on show were also of great interest, as well as her Aladdin’s cave of a mobile shop!

Today’s newsletter available here

Lace Technology

This meeting was about how lace is formed, and its different formations.

We looked at hand manipulation, the Brother lace carriage, the Knitmaster/Silver lace carriage, tuck lace and punch lace.

It is obviously a popular choice since the Guild of Machine Knitters featured it in their current newsletter too!

Our newsletter can be found here.


This meeting covered a range of necklines and treatments, described in our newsletter [download here].

Pat also demonstrated knitting a round neckline using holding position.

And then there was a yarn sale! Lots of people went home with huge bags, some with huge boxes.

Bill King


We had a packed house for a fantastic session with Bill King, who brought us an array of his sample designs, a wealth of knowledge and some insight into his introduction to textile design and inspirations.


Here are a few photos, but for much more, visit our Facebook page, where Mary has posted a plethora of great pictures.



This meeting was one of the few, where we didn’t have a knitting machine in play!

Instead we had a presentation and discussion around the theme, working on projects from inspiration to completion.

Lynda showed how she conceived and made two garments from scratch, one on the machine and the other hand knit: all described in the newsletter. The latter may be reproduced as a machine knit version when time allows!

knitweave tunic    hk cardi


Pat showed her two designs for a baby comforter/rabbit, which will be a pattern on this website before long!