Sue Booth

Sue demonstrated how to set in sleeves on the machine.

She showed us how to attach a sleeve to a garment, having knit the sleeve head using holding position, as well as how to knit the sleeve downwards from the armhole.


Both methods produced an exceptionally neat finish, and we all left with inspiration to practise this technique!



This meeting was arranged to demonstrate some different kinds of machine knitted accessories, in time for knitting a few gifts for Christmas, perhaps!

Various items knitted from patterns on this website were on display and being demonstrated, as well as Erica Thomson’s method of wire knitting.


A few items of jewellery were demonstrated, as well as a shawl and hat.


The latest pattern is a necklace:

the pattern can be found in the latest newsletter


We also showed how to put beads on to knitwear, and good sources of beads suitable for knitting are here: World of Wool or here: Debbie Abrahams

And here is a link to the fingerless glove pattern, which Pat demonstrated.

Stitched Up

This was another meeting where we had three machines on demonstration: Knitmaster and Brother punchcard machines, and a Brother electronic.

We demonstrated using as many techniques as possible on one punch card: fair isle, tuck, slip and Knitweave, for example.


I found that going back to basics like this meant that members learned a few tricks that they had missed in the initial eagerness to get going with making garments. Many members left with the resolve to try something new.

This month's newsletter has more on the techniques and punch cards used, as well as links to sites for punch cards and books. Download here

Knitting in different directions


Before we started with the main event, we watched a slide show of the Guild of Machine Knitters annual meeting, and had a presentation to deliver, as Lynn Timmins stole the show with her wonderful knitting: seen below, she won the Alison Lee Award, the Creativity Cup and the Members’ Choice.

Pat presented her with the trophy, and various prizes, including a knitting machine!


After that excitement, we settled down to the three demonstration tables, where Pat, Kathy and Lynda demonstrated various techniques, including Pat showing an Ann Lavene pattern and how to knit parts of it; Kathy and Lynda showed how to knit the latest club pattern

Click on picture for pattern.

all of which involves various uses of holding position/ partial knitting.

Modular knitting was also touched upon, including joining techniques.


The newsletter is available here

June 2016


We started with a brief look at yarn and its composition, then Pat showed us different ways of twisting yarns to combine them.  She also used the Knitmaster automatic weaving arm to do a little Knitweave.

Kathy followed on with a look at plating, specifically looking at using the feeder to make stripes alternating 3 strands of yarn with one strand, tucked or plain, to make a really interesting fabric.  She also showed a technique combining yarns to gradually change shade, and create an ombre effect.  She knitted 4 strands of beige yarn together, followed by 3 of beige and one of dark brown, then 2 of each, 3 of brown and one of beige, finishing with all brown.

Lynda showed the LK150 mid gauge machine, as an example of a gatepeg-less machine, which knits ‘difficult’ yarns, such as mohair and Grigna, more easily, without snagging. Kath showed us her lovely baby shawl for the latest great-grandchild


Then there was another yarn sale!

The newsletter can be downloaded here, including a simple pattern and more information on yarn